*Credit collection from Verizon*

I pulled my credit report today and saw, I have a Verizon collection amount on my credit report of $272.00. Where did this come from and when?  The last time I ever received a bill was back in August 2022. I never received notification of being sent to collections & for what? It’s been completely insane trying to get ahold of these people where all I get sent is overseas. I was told to contact the write off department and they can’t seem to find my account or help me. This has become a nightmare. I need someone to step up with Verizon and help me fix my problem. My account should have never been sent to collections in the first place. The only nice rep out of Utah that I finally spoke with out of the many that were clueless, said she feels bad for me because my account has been completely mishandled & should have never been sent to collections. I need my account pulled from collections immediately and I need someone who knows what they are doing to reach out. Does anyone have a phone number to an actual human at Verizon that can help me? Maybe the credit reporting or financial services department. Apparently to the write of team I don’t exist in their system.  Thank you! 

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