Credit ruined
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Your company ruined my credit score at the fault of one of your employees. I was called in August to pay an outstanding bill on an inactive account. I payed the $133.48. I have bank records showing where and when it was debited from my account. I was then called in September by a collections agency telling me that I still owed that same amount. I told them that was impossible, because I had just resolved this issue with Verizon a month prior. They said they would get in touch with Verizon and call me back if there were any issues. I never got a call back. I check my credit score a couple days ago and notice it has dropped 120 points from a 780 to a 660. I call today to get the issue resolved only to find out that the representative that took my payment of $133.48 put the payment on the wrong account. She took my money and used it on the new account instead of paying off my outstanding bill as she was supposed to. If this issue is not resolved by the new year I promise I will be getting a lawyer and not only getting my money back, but I will also switch to AT&T in a heart beat. I have been with Verizon for 10 years myself. My dad has been with Verizon for close to 20. I've never missed a payment and neither has he. Your company has received tens of thousands of dollars from the two of us alone and can continue to have our business so long as this issue is resolved. Upon further investigation, I don’t seem to be the only person to have had issues with Verizon. I see countless posts of people having the same kind of problems I am having. I sat on the phone for multiple hours today weeding through the terrible customer service system your company has. Sitting on hold at the mercy of your team, all the while I have customers coming in the door needing assistance. This is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. You will fix this. 

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