Credit score dropped because I canceled my Verizon Fios service

Last year I canceled my Fios service because I moved somewhere that did not have the service. I was told originally when canceling that there was no termination fee (since I was not on contract) and that the charges for the month would be pro-rated based on when the service was disconnected during my billing cycle. I paid for the prior month and waited for my pro-rated bill to arrive only to be met with charges for a full month. I had canceled my service at the beginning of September and  over the course of the next several months, starting in October, I called Verizon numerous times trying to get my bill fixed.

Finally, in January of this year I was told in no uncertain terms that I was misled about the pro-rated charges and that I should have been charged the full amount as it had originally shown up on my account. While talking with a manager, she decided to make good on the promises from the previous calls I had made (those representatives all guaranteed me that I was supposed to get the pro-rated amount) and I then received a final corrected bill for the pro-rated amount which I promptly paid.

Having satisfactorily concluded my business with Verizon I was ready to continue with my life.  However, while checking on my credit score using an app that allows me to check weekly I saw what can only be described as a massive drop in my score near the end of January. The only change in the credit report was an account added in my name listed simply as a Verizon account. This account shows no charges, loans, payments, or anything of that nature. I waited a month to bring this up because I was certain it was a mistake, but it appears to have shown up now in all three of the major credit reporting agenices' systems.

I would really appreciate any help in fixing this as I acted in good faith trying to pay Verizon exactly what was owed and I did so immediately when given the opporortunity. If there's any way Verizon can talk to the credit reporting agencies and remove this account record as it isn't truly a record of anything I'd be grateful.

Re: Credit score dropped because I canceled my Verizon Fios service

Too long to quote.

The fair debt collections practices act

set guidelines on what a debt collector can and cannot do. However in this act it speaks of what credit reporting agencies must do if mistakes are made.

In your story you are saying there is no delinquent or derogatory information associated with the Verizon posting to your credit report. It could simply be a hard pull of your credit report. This does not cause a credit score to drop dramatically.

you can have around 6-9 credit inquiry and it is not a big deal.

You must get copies of each credit report from the three agencies. On the report you have ways to dispute the erroneous information. However a valid credit inquiry will not be removed. It stays on for two years. Then falls off.

so first find out via calling the credit bureaus just what is posted. If this is for missed payment etc. and you can PROVE it is incorrect they will contact Verizon. If Verizon does not reply back in 30 days it will be removed. However if it’s valid it will stay.

Re: Credit score dropped because I canceled my Verizon Fios service

Hi jamesbufkin,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.