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On November 8 I called Verizon to request a credit for some international calling on November 13 my request was granted which I have a copy of it stated that I  would owe nothing on December 7.  On November 19 I got a statement that says my bill would be $330. What happened to the credit that I had . I understood that my bill would be zero for the December payment. I spoke to someone on the phone that told me that they have to honor that .And that they would have someone call me back to give me a number or email address to send in the paperwork that I have . I got no call I called back and the person I talk to this time told me that she was gonna be honest with me that they just told me that to get me off the phone that I wasn’t gonna get a call back What’s up with that? From what I’ve read and experienced with Version is it’s all about making peoples lives miserable and lining their pockets.

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