Customer Escalation Management Number

I need some assistance in receiving a number or email to a manager who oversees the Customer Escalation team members. I have had so many issues with Verizon since starting my service. Multiple issues with their customer service team providing incorrect information.... To my surprise, I received a call regarding a passed due balance. I informed them that I termed my service back over a month ago as I was moving. They told me that they had not record of my termination and that I am responsible for all payments up until today. As I've stated, I have had multiple issues from them and let them know that it was clearly an error on their part. The first women I spoke with was exceptionally rude. I requested to speak to a manager and was put in contact with a gentleman named Cecil. He was unable to assist and was not willing to see the poor service he was providing. I requested to speak with his manager or even another person on his team and he stated that he was the highest person to speak with. I asked him multiple times to speak with some one else and his exact response was "As I've told you 3 times, there is no one else"...So you're telling me that he doesn't report to anyone?.. I even requested to speak with someone who was in the same position as him, yet he said there was no one else.... So apparently, I was already in contact with the highest team member at verizon?!.....I am requesting a number or email of someone who oversees this department and someone who is actually looking to provide good customer service. 

Re: Customer Escalation Management Number

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.