Customer Service Disconnect Department hung up on me!
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We are planning on moving in early July and I was slowly turning off services to our apartment.  I was going to start with our phone, since we don't really use it anyway, since we have our cells.  I called yesterday to get the home line disconnected.  The main customer service rep was nice and she transfered me over to the Disconnect Department.  I heard the music for about a minute after she transfered me.  Then I heard silence.  So I waited on the line until someone would answer.  Then I HEARD the CLICK!!  I WAS going to keep Verizon for our new place, but after that kind of way.  I will be going back to our local cable provider for TV (since FIOS isn't available at our new home), internet and phone.  I"m done with Verizon come the midlde of July!!