Customer Service Escalation

I recently had a very unhelpful phone call with Verizon Fios Custome Service and would like addtional contact information to escalate my concerns. I spoke to a supervisor and was advised that she would not be escalating my concerns beyond the call with her.

I called concerning a $50 fee on my account and Supervisor Laura was very unhelpful and her customer service only involved repeating herself with no solutions. She added no value to the call and was unwilling to provide additional information or contact information where I may have my issue resolved.  She was content with my canceling my service and advised me if I canceled today, I would not be credited for the billing charges paid from 3/17/18 - 4/10/18 even if I would not be using the service after today.

I have been a fios customer with no prior history of fee's or requests to adjust fees, even with constant unstable fios service. I would rather this to be resolved than switching to another high speed internet provider, unfortunately Laura was quite ok with losing me as a customer which again was terrible customer service and in no way made me feel like a valued customer.

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.