Customer Service NIGHTMARE (my email to the CEO)

Mr. McAdam,

I wanted to share my experience with you as I think some of your customer service representatives need more training.  This happened today between 14:00 EST and 14:30 EST.  My goal was to change my home phone number or get rid of the home phone service altogether.
Leslie via chat informed me it costs $22 to change my phone number, but if I cancelled my phone service I would actually SAVE $30 per month as I'm currently not getting a discount on my phone service.  She gave me the number to call to make these changes on my account (844-837-2262).
I then spoke with Nancy on the phone.  She informed me that the information supplied by Leslie was not correct and that I would pay more money if I changed my services.  Her only defense was to say that "what Leslie told you was incorrect".  I told her that this situation seemed awful similar to bait & switch used in the retail world.  She made it clear that she couldn't help me so I requested a supervisor.
Off to chat with Kimberly {edited for privacy}.  She was unbelievably rude and sarcastic.  I have never, ever in my 48 years of life been treated so rudely by a "customer service" representative.  I must say that I had to fight to keep from cursing at her.  She's a huge ball of negative energy.
My point;  I don't want home phone service anymore.  I refuse to pay $22 to have the number changed when I don't want the service at all.  I made it clear when I signed up that I didn't want a home phone.  I was going to use the $30 monthly savings to add channels to my current line-up.  Ms. Kimberly {edited for privacy} is a rotten excuse for a human being.
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Hi TGSin13039,

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