Customer Service Nightmare

Verizon is not serving me well as a customer. The issues raised in the formal complaint below have been ignored. 

I see an alert when I log into my Verizon account, explaining that I'll be charged a $100 unreturned equipment fee on June 24th. I've received emails with shipping labels and the serial number for a router I own. 


In April of 2018, my family realized our Comcast bill was now approaching $200 per month. We decided to call the phone number on a recently mailed Verizon postcard to discuss a less expensive option. The salesman was very helpful and suggested I purchase my own quantum gateway Verizon router from Ebay to avoid the monthly $10 fee. I scheduled my installation appointment and ordered my router that day.

The technician installed my service on 4/25/18 with the Verizon-owned router (SN: S1A REDACTED). I received my Ebay-purchased router (SN: G1A REDACTED) and connected it on 4/27/18. I returned the Verizon-owned router to the Verizon store at Bakery Square on 4/30/18 (see receipt below).

On May 6th I noticed the $10 monthly charge for a router on my Verizon bill and called 1800VERIZON. The agent was unable to fix the issue. I tried again on May 7th to no avail. On May 21st I tried again to resolve this issue by calling 1800VERIZON, the agent did not fix the issue. Additional attempts to resolve this via phone were made on 5/24 and 5/25.

Today, 5/27/18, I received my May 2018 Verizon bill and the following notice:

Your service was disconnected on 05/25/2018. Please return the following Verizon equipment before 06/24/2018 to avoid unreturned equipment charges. Your Fios Return Kit is on its way.

Obviously, my attempts on 5/24 and 5/25 were unsuccessful.

I’m extremely dissatisfied with the customer service I’ve received during this situation. This kind of treatment should be unacceptable for any organization. Each agent I spoke with insisted that the problem would be rectified, but after a month there’s still no solution. Verizon has given me the most aggravating customer service experience in my life.

To remedy this please, do the following:

1) Remove the alert on my account for having unreturned equipment.

2) Take the $10 router rental fee off of my future bills.

3) Return the $10 rental fee for the month of April (or a prorated amount for the 2 days I used the Verizon-owned router).

Thank you for your timely consideration and response.

Account number: REDACTED

Thanks for your recent visit to one of our Verizon retail store locations. The e-receipt you requested for the equipment that you returned is below:

Equipment drop off receipt

Date : 4/30/2018

Store details

Store ID :


Accepted by :


Store address :


Returned by :


Store phone number :

Relation to customer :


Customer details

Customer name :

Account number :


Equipment returned

Serial number


Make & model



SANM G1100

Thanks for being a loyal Verizon customer

Re: Customer Service Nightmare

It would seem your account was closed by Verizon for non payment. Not for a non returned router (which you did return) maybe you returned the wrong one since you purchased one off eBay. Double check.

even if there was a billing dispute withholding $10 would have not closed your account.

you would have had to send a letter of dispute to the address located on your invoice.

send return receipt certified to have yet another receipt to use if further actions are required.

you could file a complaint or open a case at your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission just google for it.

they can get you in touch with Verizon executive escalations department.

never ever not pay the whole bill over a ten dollar dispute. You must pay all amounts not in dispute. Look under the US Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Re: Customer Service Nightmare

Hi justinphilman,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.