Customer Service Nightmare
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I have been a Verizon Fios customer for over 5 years.  My most recent 2-yr contract at my current residence was the Triple Play (high speed internet, Preferred HD TV, and land line phone).  I never utilized the phone but it was cheaper to get a bundle.  Everything has been great until the last couple of months.  I live in a townhouse community in a building that has 7 towns.  4 of my neighbors in my building were having Fios problems.  Technicians came out one by one for each of my neighbors to get their issues resolved.  They each had cords running from their house to the main cable box in between buildings for several days with each neighbor.  Then my next door neighbor, who I share partial front yard with, had techicians digging up the front yard to bury cable.  When they were digging, they must have damaged one of my electrical wires because after the digging, I no longer had Verizon internet or TV service.  I called Verizon for a technician call which they were going to CHARGE ME FOR!  To evaluate a mistake the technicians made!!!!  I ended up getting someone else to reset my GFI circuit, which was tripped by the digging.  They obviously buried my damaged cable, which I am told will rust and corrode and later cause me big issues.  Since I got everything back working I called and cancelled my technician appointment.  While doing this, the technician says "hey looking at your current service, we have a higher speed of internet now available at your location, and I can upgrade you now and IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR CURRENT SERVICE OR COST ANYTHING EXTRA, SAME MONTHLY COST.  I said I don't really care to have a higher speed internet, but if it will not cost me anything, ok.  He did it over the phone call.  A couple days later, I get an account statement in the mail advising me of my change in services and that my new monthly charge will be $256.  THIS WAS AN INCREASE OF OVER $60 A MONTH FROM WHAT I WAS PREVIOUSLY PAYING.  So I call Customer Service and talk to this lady who says the technician cancelled my Bundle services and my account went to month-to-month.  She stated that in my previous agreement, the account had a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that the service charges would not increase as long as the account was active.  I paid $186 a month previous and then in the Spring it went up to $200 a month due to increases in equipment rental charges, not services.  She stated that once you make a change to your account, you can NEVER GO BACK to the previous agreement, so I lost all my discounts and Lifetime Guarantee.  REMEMBER, I DID NOT REQUEST ANY CHANGED TO MY ACCOUNT, THE TECHNICIAN TOLD ME IT WOULD NOT CHANGE ANYTHING AND WOULD NOT COST ME ANY MORE PER MONTH.  Liar, liar, pants on fire.  So subsequently, I have talked to Verizon Customer service numerous times trying to straighten this problem out.  Every time I call, it says, due to a high volume of calls, the hold time is ONE HOUR.  One time I left it on hold on speaker on my cell phone at work and I was holding for TWO HOURS 15 MINUTES, until everyone at work was discussing this, and they said call back on your work phone. I did that and my call was picked up in several minutes.  I told the representative my story and they said sorry, nothing we can do.  I asked to speak to their supervisor.  Some guy gets on the line and says Miss, what is your issue, I said first please tell me your name and position there.  HE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!  HE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!  So I call back again and get a different person, tell them what just happened and that I want to speak to a supervisor.  A very nice patient lady gets on the phone and tries to help me out by changing my plan to a less expensive one (I told her I only wanted to pay around $185 a month, like my previous contract).  Of course in order to accomplish this, I end up with over 50 less channels, no bundle, no phone (which I did not want anyway), no premium HBO channel. Also, in changing my plan, they required me to sign up for AUTO-PAY every month directly out of my checking account.  I did not want this.  She said I needed to talk to a Financial Advisor about the auto-pay.  So I get on the phone with the Financial and Billing person and he cancels my auto-pay.  I told him how frustrated I was with this whole situation and he reviewed my service call history and said he was opening an investigation on my account.  He said it would take 3 to 5 business days to do the investigation and they would get back to me.  Well, it has been over 5 business days and no word from Verizon.  What a shock.  Now when I go online and look at my account, which does not have the services included like before all this happened and I am so disappointed.  In addition, I am under a brand new 2 year contract with services I hate.  I don't know what to do at this point.  I want to cancel Verizon Fios TV all together and get a different service.  I will keep the internet for streaming.  I don't know how to handle this situation because I cannot keep calling Verizon Customer Service having to go thru this whole story again with someone incompetent in customer service.  

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Hi MrylandGir77,

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