Customer Service

I recently called to see if there was anyway to lower my monthly bill since it just went up $25 a month and I have been a loyal customer.  I was told there was nothing they could do.   I spoke to someone named Susie.  She asked me about the channels that I watched because she was looking at other packages that I might be able to get.  She asked me if I watched the fix it channels like DIY, GAC etc.  I said yes.  I decided to cut Showtime from my bill to save $15. After I got off the phone I went to watch TV.  I saw that I no longer received DIY or GAC.  I called back only to find out that those channels were bundled with Showtime.  I was never told that when I cancelled.   I had to spend 29 minutes to have the cancellation undone.  Terrible customer service.  I hate dealing with Verizon.   i should have been told upfront what was going to happen.  My time and money are valuable to me.  I will be shopping around to see what other TV service I can get that will save me money.

Re: Customer Service

You don’t need to have Verizon or cable or satellite television. With internet only you can use a streaming service just google for them. The good thing is these services don’t add taxes and bogus surcharges or sports fees and can save you hundreds of dollars a year. They start at $25 up to $60 and include local channels and plenty of sports programming. 

And you don’t need verizons set top boxes and if internet only you save by using your own router. No monthly rentals on either. So $144 savings per year on router rental, and $240 a year savings on set top box rentals.