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I've literally had THEE worst experience with verizon customer service, billing, finance etc. I canceled my internet service after 3 days, and almost 4 months later i'm still dealing with the headache of getting my account closed out. The first time I called to cancel my account the cancelation didn't actually go through, so i got billed another month of service. I called again, they said it was actually canceled that time and they would send me a box to return the router and an email saying it was canceled. I never got a box or an email, but luckily i kept the original box with a return label so i sent it back. Another few weeks go by and I get ANOTHER bill, this time saying i'm late on a payment. I called again, they told me they would fix my bill and back pay me from the original time i called them and that it actually shows I'm owed $52. The guy tells me NOT to pay, and to wait for my final bill 2 weeks later that should be corrected. So i wait and don't pay anything, i start getting calls 3 times a day from Verizon saying i owe them money. I wait for my bill, it finally gets here, and it says i dont owe anything. Then i get a letter in the mail from a COLLECTION AGENCY saying i owe verizon 90 some dollars!!!! the guy told me I'M owed $52 and to NOT PAY ANYTHING. At this point I'm absolutely furious, I've already called at least 5 times. So I call again, asking for someone to please explain **bleep** is going on. The first lady I talked to said I owed money, she couldnt tell me what for, I demanded to speak to her supervisor. She wouldnt put him on the phone but yet she said things like "well my supervisor said"... Seriously!? the supervisor was that afraid to talk to me? So again, I demanded she put her supervisor on, but she didnt, she transfered me to another department. The next guy was actually helpful and told me the charges on my account were for the router I returned 2 months ago. He then deducted the charges from my account but said I still owed the original set up charge from 3 months ago. I asked if I could pay it right now to close out the contract they had with the collection agency. He transfered me to finance. She said the changes hadn't been updated in the system yet, it usually takes 24 hours. I specifically asked her, "can I call back tomorrow and pay what i have left and you can close out with the collection agency?" she said yes, ask for Finance. I call back, ask for Finance. The guy immediately has attitude with me and says you have to wait for the final bill, I dont know what you owe. I explained to him what the other lady from Finance said, and all he said was no you have to wait. ARE YOU KIDDING?! He transfers me to billing, she immediateIy says you owe $25.84, so the other guy had no idea what he was doing, he seemed like all he was interested in was getting off the phone as fast as possible and couldn't care less about helping a customer. I asked the lady if I could pay the $25 through the phone, she said i would be charged $3.00 to pay by phone, which is ridiculous considering my online account is already deactivated. I ended up figuring out how to pay on line by entering a custom amount since my online account has shown i've owed $0.00 for awhile now. We'll see what happens to that payment, I bet I'll stll somehow get another bill. I swear no one in this company knows what they're talking about. Literally every single person told me a different story. I dont understand how such a big company has thee worst people working for them who are all extremly under trained and have no idea what they're doing. Half of them are rude and are completely unhelpful. After speaking with at least 10 people, only one was actually helpful, every single person even within the same department told me different things. Here is some advice,... don't sign up with verizon internet if you know you will have to cancel - it takes 4 months, 10 phone callls, and they send a collection agency after you after they tell you that you're owed money. Seriously Verizon, you need to get your sh!t together, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Re: Customer Service

You could have invoked the 30 days total satisfaction guarantee. However what you experienced is or was by design. The people on the phones are trying to upsell to you and not cancel or downgrade you.

check your credit reports to see if you were dinged with bad trade line information.

that is a whole lot of aggravation.