Customer service can't resolve Remote DVR issue in online account for more than 3 weeks
Enthusiast - Level 1

It has been more than three phone calls, one online chat but the customer service is unable to resolve Remote DVR issue in online account. Every call ends with the note that the issue is being escalated to a "specialize" team that would resole the issue within 48 hrs and if there are any questions, they would contact within that time frame. Needless to say no notification if anything is being done or not, no one contacts and the problem is not resolved. Isn't there a ticketing system that a ticket could not be closed unless the problem is resolved? I don't have time to keep calling again and going over the same steps (reboot the DVR) that ends in no resolution. How can this really be escalated to the "specialized" team? Also once I have the ticket, how do I track it? It seems like at the end of call the ticket is closed without doing anything further. It is so frustrating.