Customer service

Today I called to find out why my automatic payment didn’t go through as it has for more than 10 years. The customer service representative asked me “what we normally do each month” and I didn’t understand who he meant by we. After unsuccessfully answering to his satisfaction, I asked who he meant by “we.” He answered by saying “we, as in the consumer.” Meaning, “what do I do every month to ensure auto pay happens.”

I told him I wouldn’t have been calling except for getting a text message that my payment was 4 days late, and having used auto pay for decades, it had never happened before.  He was being instructive in terms of “what should “we” do every month to make sure auto pay happens.” I was getting a lecture in how to manage my finances, when all I needed to find out was why my auto pay failed after all these years. I asked to speak to a supervisor, so he put me on forever hold. I called back and spoke to a much nicer representive, Heather, who helped solve the problem, and didn’t ask me what “we” were doing to avoid a late payment from happening again. 

My conversation with the man was very strange, and so not helpful. Sheesh. 


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