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These past couple of months I feel as if Fios customer service has been in complete disarray. I contacted customer service a few months back and was informed that my contract was about to expire and that if i wanted to keep my monthly bill as low as possible I would have to sign another two year contract. While that was not the reason I contacted you customer service i went ahead and addressed this issue. After having to deal with three support reps I was finally able to find someone who could find a way for me to keep my services and monthly bill without having to downgrade any of my current packages. After the phone call I assumed that my monthly price that was agreed upon wasn't going to change until other discounts expired which wasn't until 2019. Unfortunately that was not the case and i found myself having to contact Fios customer service again within the same month. After giving customer service a call we were able to get the price almost down to what i agreed to pay before. However at this point i am confused why i call every month and get different prices if i agreed to pay a set amount and none of my monthly discounts were supposed to expire. My next issue was with auto pay and he monthly discount. I contacted customer service via phone and was told that if i contacted chat that they would be able to solve my auto pay discount issue. Upon contacting chat i was told that i could contact customer service via phone. At this point I was completely confused because i felt as if i was being told all the wrong information. After giving up on the auto pay discount I allowed for another billing cycle to show on my account. One would assume after all this energy put forth that my bill wouldn't change. Sadly this was not the case and my bill went up another 15-20 dollars. I contacted Fios on 6/27/18 to address this issue and was told they were able to give me the same service but for more money than i agreed upon in the previous month. I went ahead and went with that deal and went about my day. 11 o'clock on 6/27/18 i noticed that some of my channels were missing and i was very confused because during the phone call with the customer service rep i informed that that i did not want ANY of packages to change. I then had to take the time to call fios once again at 11 at night to request to have my service switched to what i had before. After getting off the phone i get an email stating that my monthly bill went up 40 dollars extra. At this point i am in disbelief and i am not sure i even want to continue doing business with Fios.

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Hi csantiago48,

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