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Hello Customer Service: I spent an hour and 20 minutes with a nice rep from Montreal, to no avail. I had to replace phones due to damage. I asked if there was a change to change over-phones and was told no. I could not use the service to transfer numbers as the app did not work. Now, I am being charged 40.36 cents for one phone and $35. for another. Additional $4.23 for one of the lines. After all that time, the answer was sorry, there is nothing I can do about it. I was advised to go to a store location. The store in my neighborhood, in Boiling Springs, SC, is not helpful with any issue and will not take a check. The Spartanburg location took a check but never processed the check. It took months to fix the issue. You do not send my bill in time to pay the bill in the mail. So, I guess at the bill and send it out weeks ahead of time. I use almost no data. When the new phones were activated, both phones received notifications that the data usage was running out, and then we were over our data plan. I called and was told no problem; you have plenty of data. Last month's bill, I used 7.308 MB.
Now for the important question, what will Verizon do about the misleading of no charge to activate my phones? We all know the amount to save a customer is very little compared to gaining a customer. The formula is I tell people I am dissatisfied with the company to one person; they tell 17 people, and they tell 63 people. I teach Business at the local college. I have 50 to 150 students a term. Ask yourself whether you want to be a good case study or a bad case study. Ask Wells Fargo how hard they took the hit after their bad business practices are now in print in textbooks.

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Hello tsbrouwer, thank you for contacting us. We're here to help! Did you add a new line of service to your account or buy a new phone?