DO NOT TRUST VERIZON FIOS!!! They are not trustworthy and misleading in their ads to get new customers.
In February 24th, 2015 I was ready to order my service after carefully reviewing the bundle options for new costumers. I chose the triple play bundle, advertised for $114 + equipment+ fees and the bundle also stated a $400 gift card, which I would receive after 60 days of service and no late payments. So I ordered the service. Now, July 7th, when I called Verizon to find out about my gift card, I was told that I wasn't eligible for it because I was given the discount on my bill instead. (THE PRICE THAT I SIGNED UP ON THEIR WEBSITE IS THE PRICE I'VE BEEN PAYING SINCE FEBRUARY , NEVER LATE). After an entire morning wasted on the phone with people who don't want to help me with my problem, and hearing that it was my mistake I decide to cancel the service and will receive a $200 fee on my next bill for breaking the contract. 
I hope nobody have to experience this same situation as me and my family. And I hope that someone at some point can make this type of misleading and untrustworthy situation continue to happen with other customers.