DVR for life - lets see if verizon does the right moral thing

So I have two multiroom DVR's for two rooms. One is a free for life one I pay for. A CS rep was going to lower my bill and keep everything the same, long story short instead of saving $10/month my bill went down $5/month and now my DVR for life doesn't work. Verizon sent me a new DVR - but no it was just a set top box, so now my DVR recording time has been cut in half. The same excuses came, we do not have the same DVR, we can send you a new DVR system but its going to cost you - I'm waiting for a call back at 3pm after they discuss. All I want is what I paid for, my verizon bill started at $120/month, I'm at about $170 now. They can fix this they just want to squeeze as much money out of you as they can, keep you on for hours talking till you give up and accept their "generous"  solution - DOES THE CUSTOMER EVER COME FIRST????????? Lets wait and see what the verizon team comes up with at 3pm.

Re: DVR for life - lets see if verizon does the right moral thing

You do realize there is a covid-19 pandemic going on? So verizon is short staffed.

even if they were not short staffed, just google and read that verizon is famous for not calling you back. In the case of the DVR for life, well is test the life of the customer or life of the devices? 

if they no longer have the units, then it’s not verizon trying to pull a fast one. They did offer you other up to date equipment. So it’s up now up to you if you want it, want to lower your bill from not having it or even moving on to another service.

all businesses raise pricing, when I reach my limit I simply cancel and go to another provider. Then together company calls you up, sends post cards and letters asking the consumer to come back at much lower pricing. But they game play and they don’t save the customer. Crazy I know