Deceived by FiOS Customer Service about Prorated Internet Refund/Credit After Disconnection

I was informed by FIOS customer service on during sign-up over the phone and in-person when I returned equipment) that I would receive a prorated bill for internet period 5/24/19 - 6/24/19 after disconnecting as of 5/31/19 (having just paid my last bill on 5/20/19 in the amount of $70.55).  

Next thing I know, I'm seeing a charge of over $70.00. Today, I went on the chat and asked about how this bill could be so high. After checking my account, the chat rep noted that service was discontinued on 6/28/19, to which I countered that I had documentation that service was disconnected on 5/31/19. The rep had no confirmation on their end that this service discontinuation occurred, and once I confirmed my order number, confirmed that I am owed a bill adjustment due to only using a few days of the last cycle.  He instructed me to call the financial services department with a chat ID, which I did.

I called and was told that they have no way of checking any chat ID (so I had to rehash my case), and that I have no prorated adjustment coming because Fios charges for whole billing cycles with standalone internet.  I mentioned that this is the first time I heard it, that 2 other reps told me otherwise, that no one informed me of this when I called to disconnect, and that I did not see this anywhere in the terms of service.

I asked the rep to please help me find the terms providing that there is no proration of final cycle charges following disconnect.  She told me to check the website, that it's a years-old policy, and that it came down from "the CEO or somebody," so no one in the office could help me.

I looked on the website and on my account. I came across these, which do not mention any supposedly clearly available “no proration” policy:

After searching, I came across several other customers who had similar issues both with the policy and with the lack of support from the Customer Support team - the reps didn't even try to help me find the documentation.

Even if this clause is hidden somewhere in T&C for month-to-month policies, the misinformation provided by prior reps and omission from Customer Support when I was taking over the account was intentionally predatory. I've been a loyal customer (my roommate and I had FiOS with no problems or lapses in billing for well over a year), and I feel like I was rewarded with deception. In the past, I have always received a refund/credit prorated for the last month. Why not now, and where is this written?

For anyone who has experienced this, you're not alone by any means:

I hope that they truly understand how they're losing good will of loyal customers with nickel and dime-ing tactics like this, and the incompetence/runaround of the Support is truly concerning. Would not recommend as of now.

Re: Deceived by FiOS Customer Service about Prorated Internet Refund/Credit After Disconnection
Hi FiOS_customer23,

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