Deceptive business practices for renewing contracts
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I want to share negative experience that makes me think that renewing contract for FIOS is not a good option. 

I decided to  renew FIOS last year although Optimum was offering a better deal.  I don't watch much TV and use the Internet occasionally, so have no need for the great speed. 

The agent who worked with me offered a decent disount a year ago. It was slightly more that I would have paid using Optimum, but I decided to stay. One line of the bill was a "24 mo" discount that had to stay through 2018 (that was signed in 2017). I assumed it was a typo and 24 month meant 2 years, so it had to last through 2019.  I was wrong it was a deceptively written discount.

I chatted with a couple of reps and they could not bring back the misterious 24mo discount that lasted for a year. I am surprised and want to leave after five years of using the company.  

Exact line from the bill:

 "–$20 Bundle 24 Mo. Credit Included thru Apr 12, 2018"

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Unhappy customer 

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.