Decreasing limit spend without notifying me
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When we signed up years ago I had a good amount of spending limit they told me when I came in to get me and my wife phones for Christmas I would just need a 300$ down payment a week later that's not good we need 40$ away from the full phone amount. They decrease you limit spending during hard times and use it against you and they don't even notify you. And there disrespectful on the phone when you call.

Re: Decreasing limit spend without notifying me
Customer Service Rep

Milesoliver4602, we'd never want to lose your preference, and certainly understand wanting to purchase the device of your choice.  Like many businesses, we include an external credit inquiry to properly assess your finance limits because Verizon is extending credit to you over a period of time to purchase a device. You will receive a letter with additional details regarding your spending limit, and all internal key factors that may have adversely affected your profile. For reduced spending limits, we'd definitely recommend a down payment if you'd like to take advantage of our device payment plan. We hope this information helps clarify!