Disconnect Fee even though Verizon Doesn't Service New Home
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I have been a HUGE proponent of Verizon Fios since moving into my current home. I have gotten three people on my block to switch to Verizon and a friend just moved in 3 doors down and he chose Verizon becuase of me. Now, after years of service I was greatly disappointed to find that Verizon doesn't service my new home. I was truly heartbroken, especially since my only options are Brighthouse (my least favorite service company I've ever used) and CenturyLink who doesn't even do TV! 

I know it's in the service contract, but it's not right for a customer who's been loyal to Verizon and has gained them extra service to be charged $140 to disconnect when it's THEIR fault they don't service my new home. They could have years of service and thousands more of my money if they serviced my new home but now I'm paying them $140 because they don't offer service. I know they're not the only company who charges a disconnect fee in this circumstance, it would be hard pressed to find a company who doesn't, but doing the right thing in spite of policy means a lot to me and Verizon emphatically insisted to charge me my disconnect fee. I'm no longer going to promote Verizon to my friends and family, If they ever move to my area I will not move back to them, and when my mobile contract with ATT is up later this year I will no longer consider Verizon. 

Right is right Verizon, regardless of your "strict" policies. Thanks for a good ride. Sayonara.