Disconnected after payment arrangement made
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I made a payment arrangement Friday last week (July 7) for July 21. Now this morning (July 10) my service is disconnected. I tried to adjust the arrangement thinking maybe it just didn’t show properly or something, so now I once again have an arrangement on the account, but my service is off still. I tried to request “service restore” through online chat after making the new arrangement, but it just says “your service is already active and no further action is required” but my service is certainly not active. Further, I tried to call financial services and when I do, it says “no further modifications to payment arrangements may be made on this account through financial services” and it hangs up. I’m not trying to change anything, I’m trying to get my service restored! And to figure out why it was disconnected even with an arrangement on the account? Someone please help!

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What type of phone do you have? I'm seeing "disconnected" service too:


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Hello, making sure you remain connected at all times is our top priority. I am very sorry to learn that this situation has come up, and we want to do all we can to help get you reconnected. We are sending a Private Note for secure assistance.