Discontinued services and then they beg you back for less

So my bill kept going up and up and I finally told Fios that I would have to cancel if they couldn't bring it down at least $20/mth.  2 phone calls and 2 managers later they said they couldn't do anything.  So...I canceled.

6 weeks later after I have xfinity I get a letter saying that if I come back they'll upgrade me to a triple play for $40 less than I was paying before!  

So my question to anyone who can answer it...why the hell couldn't you have just given me the $20 off to begin with.  You would have saved me the time of mailing back all your equipment, dealing with a brand new hook up, AND you'd be making $20 more a month off of me?

I know it costs more to get a new customer than it does to keep an old one so what is with this backward thinking?  I'm more inclined to keep paying more with xfinity just to spite Fios for jerking me around.

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I think if you expected it to happen, then it would be easier to go back.

They all do this, the other cable company has done the same thing to other people i know. You have to play the game, telling you are going to cancel seems it doesn't mean anything, they call your bluff.