Discreetly Charged for a Remote -

My tv guide was acting up for a few days, skipping, going really slow, never really happened for that long before.  I spent a few hours playing with it, running through the Verizon diagnostics and in-home agent etc. and was ultimately recommended to place an order through Verizon for a new remote.  Nowhere was I told I'd be charged $14.99 for this, basically didn't say I was or wasn't going to be charged.  Since I was having issued I assumed it was free, I would have 100% not ordered it if I knew I was going to be billed for a remote.

By the time the remote came my guide was working fine again, it's still in the plastic and I'm out $15.  Thanks Verizon, way to sneak that charge on my bill, maybe instead of being obscure just let us know beforehand what you'll be charging for what.  Thanks