Discriminatory Treatment of Members of Military- Fake Discount, Never Saw It.

Verizon, I have been having issues for now 2 years getting the military discount applied. I often don't have computer access, I have to send physical letters to my own family, and you put my wife through hell whenever she asks for help or changes to be made to the account. Don't you understand what life is like for people that serve? For a $5 discount, this back and forth is totally ridiculous. I was supposed to receive an email from you, never did, your instructions are not friendly at all for members of the military, and now you tell me to continue to wait? i don't have an average home situation where I have access to a computer constantly or reliable phone service. FIX YOUR SYSTEM. it is discriminatory. when i have time to lodge a broader complaint about how you treat members of the armed forces, i absolutely will do so. don't follow up with me unless you are applying the $5. as it is, i haven't received what i needed for the past 2 years of my service (you told me you applied the discount and didn't). i submitted my official certificate from the dept of defense and it is just floating in the verizon atmosphere, with no confirmation from your side. disgusting. unless you are applying the discount, don't contact me, and stop putting my wife through hell and assuming she has the ability to speak to me and call me up on the phone whenever she wishes. 

Re: Discriminatory Treatment of Members of Military- Fake Discount, Never Saw It.
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