Disgusted with Verizon and the havoc they made of my day
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I called asking what the best way was to reduce my bill. Someone offers me a package and tries to get me the $300 card. He says he's unable to do the card bit, but gives me a nice package. Says that someone will be coming by on Aug 31st between 11 and 2pm.

I get email about visit etc. Then a box appears, its a new cable box. I figure the guy coming on Friday has to install an upgraded box for me. I never received an email or call about the box. UPS was lucky I was home. So the box sits and waits until Friday.

I get a phone call about the ticket and they are confused about what they are supposed to do with it, I tell them that I received this box, I'm trying to lower my bill. She says ok. Now we know.

I was told my service would be disrupted on Friday, so when I woke up and there was no phone signal. I thought ok, tech will take care of it when he gets here. 

Turn on TV expect too see nothing, but I have TV and Internet service. Strange. But I go with it.

Eleven o'clock rolls around. No call, no tech. So I call Verizon. I get bounced around by a guy who tells me to plug in the new box. Which didn't work btw. So I put my old box back in, then someone who bounced me to someone else who couldn't understand why my phone was out. 

I was put on hold for too many times too count. I was on a cellphone, minutes clicking away trying too get this taken care of and losing patience.

Three hours later, I find that billing made a mistake and cut off my phone because it was part of the new package they would be giving me. They kept asking me if I moved, numerous times. They said I moved earlier this month, when a tech came by. I had to explain that a PSEG truck went by and knock down the line and I called to have them put it back up.

I still have no phone and won't get one until tomorrow. 

I am disgusted. I am beyond **bleep** that no one told me that NO tech was coming and I have this cable box sitting in my livingroom. Sitting in a box and "I" have to find a way to get UPS to pick it up to return to them cause I'll be damned if I'm gonna search all over for a UPS store, with no car.

No one explained to me that the new package would CUT OFF MY PHONE. No one knew what was going on with my account and its just inexcusable.

I like the picture, I like the internet and when it works, I like the digital phone. But today pushed me to the limits of being understanding to the techs on the phone with me and the company.

I think I've earned that $300 card I was offered from the guy on the phone originally. A day without a phone, 3 hours on the cellphone and missed appointments, just because of YOUR mistake.

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Re: Disgusted with Verizon and the havoc they made of my day
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So this is how you treat your disabled customers. I have no way of returning the setbox YOU sent me by mistake. So you don't send UPS to pick it up for me. You just tell me someone will pick up the box.

You don't give me a date or time or anything during the phone call.

Monday comes and the ticket says, Monday from 8 - 9 am

Then it says by 4pm.

So I have to cancel my doctors appointment.

I call at 5pm and you say, that a tech will be here to pick up the box by 9PM.

It is now that I find out the ticke was open for the whole day. From 8 - 9PM.

And NOBODY told me.

I  now have to wait another week to see my doctor.

I guess you think because I'm disabled, I'm house bound and whatelse do I have to do BUT wait for you VERIZON, too clean up after your OWN mess.


Re: Disgusted with Verizon and their poor treatment, lies.
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You make the appointment. And here it is 9PM and no one has shown. No call. No apologies. Nothing.

No complaint department. No Complaint number. NOTHING.

You'll probably get rid of this thread because it is taking up too much space. But Verizon, you USE to be a decent company. I sang your praises to everyone and swore by you.

But lately, all I do is swear at you. You outsource your calls on the weekend and they screw up their orders and I have been screwed ever since.

Sure, things are fine now. But I had to re-work my schedule for you and you sent numerous messages that you were showing. And NOTHING.

This is not a way to run a business. This is not a way to treat a customer who pays their bills and has been a long time customer with you.

My friend recently asked me about you and I said, oh yeah. Great, never had a problem, works with you.

Now I think you've gotten too big for your own good. You can't provide quality service anymore.

I've told her to forget about it and stay with someone else. Someone who provides SERVICE and not empty promises.