Dissatfied Customer
Enthusiast - Level 2

A protocol should be, if not already established by Verizon to guarantee quality service by simply spelling the name of its customers' correctly. Steps should be taken to assure the name on the site matches that name on the bill. Notations should be reviewed and followed upon to make sure the corrections have been made.to that customer "My Verizon's" page.  I have been a customer with Verizon for over four years, and have requested this correction to the spelling of my name.  It is obvious to me; none of the previously mentioned is being done.  What other suggestions would you make to achieve the desired result-the correct spelling of your name?

Have you observed you may live in an area that will not allow you to choose another company with comparable products at a competitive rate? Have you observed that if you wanted to switch companies and receive similar products, that company may not be able to supply you with their services, because you are in a non-compete area, where an agreement has been met? This (to me) is a type of monoply that protects the company and not its consumers; I am wondering what suggestions one might have that will (if you are as disgruntled as I am) help me to resolve this matter?