Done with Verizon (Rant)
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At this point I'm about done with Verizon. Already looking at replacement.  Grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Twice in the last couple of months for whatever reason my internet just cut out and when you call/chat with them it takes 3-4 days before a tech can come out.  Not sure where they run their support out of it, but sometimes it doesn't seem that the other end gets it.  In today's world without internet, its like being back in the 80's, but on the flip side of it you lose all access to your content that you own/rent/stream.

Now when it comes to programming it seems they are cutting more channels and not replacing them with anything and you still have to pay the same price.  They never seem to lower it when they start removing channels, because they certainly are passing on their saving to their customers.

I use a Roku on almost every TV in my house and some of the other providers have it so that you can use a Roku to watch Live TV, but it seems Verizon has no interest in that you have to rent a box for every TV that you want to watch TV on.  I have a TV in the basement where I might be down there for a couple of hours and want TV instead of movies and can't because Verizon doesn't want a Roku app as it could cut into their STB rent revenue.

This may get sanctioned, but at least I feel better.