Double Charged

Appears I have been a victim of the double charge scheme. Paid with debit card. After 2 hours on the phone Verizon finally reversed ONE of the charges. Took 4 business days to hit back to bank account. My bank shows I recieved one charge back, Verizon still recieved the original payment. So today I get a bill saying I didnt pay at all and now I owe two months. Spoke to billing, they told me I need to drive to my bank, get a printed bank statement showing this verizon error showing that i did in fact pay, then find a fax machine and fax the statement over so they can conduct an investigation. Not going to happen. Canceling Verizon before I jump through hoops for their screw up.

Re: Double Charged

It’s unfortunate this type of situation occurs. Verizon makes dispute resolution almost impossible to garner the revenue and keep it as long as possible.

Verizon knows they double charged you when you notified them, they also know one of the payments were reversed due to you being refunded.

And they also know you paid. So you are correct in not going through the dog and pony show. 

Hope it all works out for you.

Re: Double Charged
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.