Double upgrade fee
Enthusiast - Level 1

So we decided to upgrade both of our lines to the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultras. Went through the whole process online and everything seemed OK. We knew about the $35 upgrade fee per line. However when checking next month's bill estimate, I see that it looks quite a bit higher then it should be, even with the upgrade fees and first full price device payments. Upon looking at the break down by line, I see that both lines are set to be charged the $35 upgrade fee twice.

So I chatted with customer service through the app, where he said the bill will be corrected before we get the actual bill. This seems like a major cop out to me, why not remove the extra charge on each line before I end up getting billed for it? Has anyone else encounter this problem? Don't mind paying the $70 in upgrade fees, but I definitely mind paying double ($140) for no reason and getting zero help to fix what should be a simple issue. Verizon not sure whats going on, but we are just about at our limit with this kind of shady behavior.

Strongly considering canceling the orders for the new phones and taking our phones and service to Spectrum instead.