I have been reading within this forum other Verizon customer inquiries about disputes that have not been resolved in two months, six months, even nine months.  I am sure these customers are upset by Verizon's insufficient response. Now consider the mindset of a customer that has been involved in a dispute with Verizon FOR NINE YEARS (billing for a cable box I never had installed)!  Over a period of  years, five separate Verizon agents have acknowledged, in writing (online chat), Verizon's error, have earnestly promised to immediately discontinue the erroneous charge, and contact me soon about a credit for nine years of over-billing.  After waiting a month or two, NOTHING HAPPENS - the charge continues, no credit is issued, and, often, the next Verizon agent contacted claims there is no record of my dispute, or call, or online chat, or set top box mismatch ticket, or claim to set aside funds for a credit. Over the past two years, I have wised up and kept copies of all my online chats with Verizon and demanded ticket numbers and chat session IDs.   Still, even  with tangible proof, NOTHING HAPPENS! No amount of indignation, expression of incredulity,  threats,  histrionics,  begging, crying, shaming, appeals to their God, professionalism, sense of fair play, or concerns for their fellow man has made one bit of actual difference. I should have left Verizon a while ago, but figured I would never get my refund for nine years of overcharges if I did (and, no doubt, Verizon would charge me an arm and a leg for non-return of an obsolete, nine year old cable box that I never had).  Yes, it's Groundhog Day in the Bizarro world...but it's real and it's happening to me. So if your dispute with Verizon is unresolved after nine months...consider yourself fortunate...consider what might yet come to pass in your dealings with a company that has no shame, no accountability, an unknowable quality control system, no apparent regulatory oversight, and virtually no regard for its customers.

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