Early Termination Fee

I am extremely disappointed in Verizon Fios. I have been customer of there’s for at least 7 years. I new my contract was expired and new we had to move so I did not plan on renewing. I had a Verizon Representative come to my door trying to get me to renew at 7:00 at night. I have two toddlers and explained to him I did not want to renew. He told me it would be the same amount of money I was paying now and would not be a problem if I was moving. I finally agreed just to get him away from my front door. Well it was not the same amount of money, it was $30 more for my same old slow service. Well now we moved and made the switched to Comcast and they want to charge me an early termination fee. I did not switch my services over to our new house because Comcast could give me better services for cheaper then my original bill with Verizon. I am extremely disappointed with Verizon Fios and I will make sure to tell everyone I know