Erroneous Delinquency Report
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Hello, I’ve been a Verizon customer for 5 years and when I moved the last time I had to cancel service. I returned all the hardware and paid all my bills and about 9 months later I get a collections notice that I had $80 charge that was overdue and sent to collections. I hadn’t received any information or alert on this and I hadn’t used  any services for a while at this point. I went into the MyVerizon account and it turns out they charged me in error for an additional month AFTER my cancellation date. I paid the overdue amount but this is now hitting my credit report and it knocked me down 87 points!! This is ridiculous I have always been looking forward to signing back up with Verizon once I buy my first house this next month but this is just completely soiling my experience with them and they are actively attacking me right before I started the home buying process. 

@verizon I need someone on your staff to help me with this because when I call in or use the chat I just get an infinite loop of people saying it’s another department’s fault and I need to be work it out with them. 

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