Escalation, Account Pin, Port Out Pin

I’ve spent the day on the phone with Verizon Reps, with my 80 yo mother...  mother wants to discontinue account & request a port out pin #...  however, mother does not have or remember her acct pin/password...  w/o this, it’s like Verizon don’t know what to do...  mother has old flip phone, a text message to verify account comes in garbled.  There is no email on file, so can’t communicate that way...  She cannot leave her locked down senior home to go into a store to show her ID, nor can she physically, nor should she to protect her life...  yet, those are the only options we’ve been provided...  we requested an escalation...  was spsd to rcv a call back tonight by 7 pm...  didn’t happen...  We need help!  Good old fashion solution providing help!  Does anyone have an escalation # or contact person in escalations?

Re: Escalation, Account Pin, Port Out Pin
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Hi RDickey,

Is this a Verizon Wireless account?

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