Existing Customer Let Down
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I am wirting to warn and make aware of an issue not explained. I am existing Verizon Fios customer for several years now. I got the service as soon as it was available in the area, first on the block in 2007-2008. I am extremely happy with the service compared to my previous carrier. I recently bought a house already equipment with Fios, so moving the service should be easy as advertised. IN FACT, I enhance the packages, internet speed, and TV eqipment because the offer would only increase my bill by $10. SOUND GOOD RIGHT?!? Well, after the moving the first bill came which included an ACTIVATION FEE. I understood there would be one BUT not explain it was $69.99 and it would be over 3 month period to pay. So, the bill went from an additional $10 to an additional $34 a month on top of what I already pay. Contact customer service to have the fee waived. I was explained that it couldn't be waived and the fee is always charged whether I was moving my service to a new address or starting new service. I explain the nice mailers and ads I have been receiving with promos of $200-$300 Visa gift cards for new service. I could have taken advantage of that. The rep explained that had I canceled when I moved and open a new service, I would have received the termination fee, and it would have equaled out anyways with the promo gift card. Even more insulting, I was explained that the "Installation Fee" was waived which they don't normally do. WHAT?!?!?! First, as an existing customer of several years and on time bill payer, why would an activation fee be warranted, even when I am under contract aleady. Second, I moved my service to an already equiped house with Fios, only to be told I am fortunate to have my installation fee waived. Last, not be given the same courtesy as a new activation with the promos and special offers, especially since I am already paying the activation fee. This is as bad as the "other" company offer the same services. What happen to rewarding the LOYAL customer. I am no longer "willing to recommend"!
Re: Existing Customer Let Down
Customer Service Rep

Hi Onthelin71,

I apologize for our lack of communication on this issue.  What SHOULD have been advised during your move was that you would either be receiving the gift card or an additional discount on top of new customer pricing. I believe that's why you were able to upgrade as much as you were with only a $10 increase.

The representative you spoke to after your first bill was correct when advising that all customers, new or existing, do incur an activation fee.  We used to have the option to waive those but that was removed from the call centers. Either way, that should have been recapped with you before you ended your call as well as an email with those details should have been sent to go over before completing the order.