FDV "Administrative Charge" - sneaky and generates resentment

Verizon added a 0.99 monthly fee called FDV for digital voice services. I believe this happening over the summer.

The fee increases the cost of digital voice services, and this is simply a way to get around the contract that I signed and that I'M FULFILLING.  It increases the cost of voice services, even though on a technicality, it is not a direct increase in the cost of what Verizon categorizes as its bundle. This is a violation of my contract.

To add insult to injury, I am now charged for not one, but TWO "Video Franchise Fees," whatever they are!

I've noticed my FiOS bill creeping up in price. I know I upgraded my Internet, but there are now arbitrary fees on top of fees, as well as being taxed on those weaselly fees. 

I also filed complaints to my state regulator and to the FCC. This needs to STOP. 

It is this type of behavior that generates intense resentment toward American media providers. Verizon: you and your so-called competitors keep **bleep** off more and more people. Given where I live, and if I want broadband Internet services, it's go with Verizon or go with Kabletown (which is the worse of the two by far).

I demand a refund retroactive to the implementation on the FDV and the SECOND Video Franchise Fee, as well as a stop to these arbitrary and sneaky fees/taxes. Enough!

Re: FDV "Administrative Charge" - sneaky and generates resentment
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Welcome to the forums. You're talking to other customers here.  If you want to reach Verizon, click here: Contact Us.

You are correct that the FDV administrative charge is a recent addition our bills; starting around May or June..  It was announced in advance, at least on my bill. It is important to review your bill every month for announcements of upcoming changes or other issues. That way you can make decisions ahead of time.

One of the benefits of a peer-to-peer forum like this is you can research what others have said.  If you search for "administrative Charge," you'll find lots of discussions similar to your post.  Some posters suggest contacting government regulators, but I'll leave that up to you.

As for the double franchise fee, that sounds odd.  I suggest a call to Verizon billing for an explanation at a minimum and potentially a correction.  For best results, call billing during normal business hours.

Good Luck.

Re: FDV "Administrative Charge" - sneaky and generates resentment

When the majority of Americans continually vote against their economic interests, we consumers remain voiceless and powerless against unregulated fee hikes by all large utility providers; the absence of proper government regulation and enforcement is supported by them. The FDV is but one symptom of the larger problem of lack of proper governmental oversight working on our behalf.  Greed is not good.