FIOS Billing Question
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Hi All,

On my bill I have the FIOS Triple Freedom package which includes the following:

Verizon Freedom Essentials

FIOS TV Extreme HD

Movie/HBO/Cinemax Package

FIOS Internet 20/5

I am paying $139.00 for this.  Under additional TV services I see a line that is for Movie/HBO/Cinemax Package for $30.00.  Is this the same movie package that I have included under the FIOS Triple Freedom Package?  I am going to be really **bleep** if I am being billed double for this.

Thank you,

Mike T.

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Interesting! And I can understand your concern. To me, yes, it does look like you are being double billed for the movie package. I do not have that special, but I do have the original "Movie Package" (does not include HBO) and it does not appear in the FiOS Triple Freedom list like yours apparently does. For the record, here is what I am being billed:

FiOS Triple Freedom for $120 which includes:

 Verizon Freedom Essentials

 FIOS TV Extreme HD

 FIOS Internet 25/15

$139 seems too high for service similar to mine, but with slower Internet, so it sure looks like the movie package is in there.

I also have the Movie Package under TV Additional Services for $13 (I have rounded the $$$ up $.01 in both places).

I suggest you contact the billing folks on Monday to get it clarified. If in fact you are being double billed it should be pretty easy to get a credit on your account plus future billing corrected Smiley Happy How long have you had this service? Could be a fair amount of money if it is many months.

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I received an offer in the mail today for Fios Internet+phone. I had heard many stories about people finding numerous additional charges on their bill, so I tried to call. I had to endure the usual "press one for this, press two for that" and entering my phone number and giving my name at least twice and then the customer service guy wanted to review my service with me-- I just had a question.

So are there any other rental charges? Do you have to rent the OMT or whatever the customer premise equipment is called?

They are offering phone and Fios internet for $59/mo for two years, no activation fee.

What other fees are involved? I'm not talking about taxes and regulatory charges.

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Be Careful,  I signed up for FIOS tv/Internet based on an advertisement on their website.  I am not getting that price in reality.  Verizon has yet to honor the price.  I would be very careful.  I'm not talking about taxes etc.  they are not honoring the price.


I too, have been 'misled' by a door to door Verizon Sales effort. Not only is the bill $40 higher than expected, they offered me a $50 gift card to change my install date. I haven't seen that in my inbox. They also find creative ways to not honor when you recommend others to the service.

It's amazing that for all the new services, its still the GD phone company.

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You will have to pay for your set top box(es). These range, if I recall, from 4.99 for a standard definition box to 16.00 or so for a Hi Definition box with DVR. You will need one for each set,although you can probably plug the line directly into your TV, but you will lose many features (On-Demand, for example, Guide..Etc) and probably some channels (perhaps many). I believe that is the only additional hardware charge. There are additional charges for premium programming, movie channels,.Etc, higher internet speeds and other internet related features.