FIOS internet activation still not waived
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I found the ad 34.99 a month for 50/50 internet, then I thought it was a good so I signed up for FIOS intenet 50/50 on 7/24/15 via phone. (I ended up paying about 50 a month, because of the equipment rental, tax and so on) When I spoke to the salesperson informed on the 'one time activation fee of 69.99' until very last moment. I wasn't aware of it until my account activation was almost finished!

I asked the salesperson during the activation if there are any other fees and she said no. I was glad and after the signing up was coming to an end then I was told "Oh, and you have to pay for the activation fee which is 69.99. It will beincluded in your firt month's bill. Your bill will be total of $120" 

So after I hung up, I called to cancel it because I had an option to transfer my old time warner cable service to my new address and not paying the activation fee. And the monthly bill would still be the same.

I spoke to {edited for privacy} at Hamilton office, NJ. And he said he would waive the activation fee of 69.99

I requested confirmation e-mail and he sent me this. he said the activation would show up on my bill and there also will be credit for it which will zero out the amount. 

2 days ago, I received bill from Verizon and saw that the activation fee was not waived. 

So I called the customer service again, explained everything, and was told "there was no notation on your account".

She kept saying about the 89.99 fee installation fee that was waived in the first place, and that I not what I talked about. I was talking about 69.99 activation fee. 

I expected it anyway, after all the search on the web. Verizon seems to have issue with their activation fee. first, for not telling the customer about this fee until last minute (If I knew about it, I wouldn't have signed up), and second, dragging out the time to dodge the issue. 

So I mentioned her about the email and 5 minutes later she told me that the activation fee will be waived.

However, I was told that it will not show up on my account so I should just substract 69.99 from my current bill and pay the amount. YEAH, RIGHT. great way to solve the issue. I wouldn't do that until I get solid answer from their customer service that my activation fee is completely waived.

People, When contacting Verizon customer service to get things fixed up, don't just follow what they tell you to do and expect it to be solved. BECAUSE IT WILL NOT.  Make sure you get confirmation email, some sort of record to keep.

If this billing problem screws up, you are going to be the one who will be blamed for not paying the bill on time, and if you call Verizon, they will simply dodge the responsibility, if you don't have any evidence. 

Again, I requested confirmation email for that reason AND because I did not want to call verizon customer service again repeat the whole process all over and waste my time even more. Hung up the phone, 24 hours later. NO email. NO updates on my account. 

Re: FIOS internet activation still not waived
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Good luck getting billing issues corrected in a timely manner.