I have a huge issue that I need assistance with and I cant seem to location any other locations to submit a formal complaint via email or online so that I have record of the complaint submission.  

We were having issues with the HD box that we were using and we just moved into our new home. Verizon tried trouble shooting to no avail so sent out a new box to replace the broken box. This was in 2013 ish.  (no one can tell me exactly when) Well, in the midst of boxes from moving, we put the broken box in the verizon box to bring down to the store and long story short, that never  happened. My husband thought I took it back, and I thought he returned it. Well, it wasnt until I finally painted my guest room and had to move my guest bed for the 1st time since owning this home and what comes to my surprise is the broken HD box was hiding under my bed!!!!! I though oh man, I bet they killed me with a $400 Non return of equipment fee.  After looking through my last 12 bills, I realized that they didnt just charge me $400! They have been charging me $11.99 EACH MONTH as if I was currently using this box when in fact they KNOW that I am only utilizing 3 tvs/3 boxes because I have had to have them trouble shoot many times and they tell me how many I have, where they are in the house etc. That is one of the issues, next issue is, they should NOT be charging me monthly for a broken box, they should have charged me a "NationalUnreturned/Damaged Charge - " which is clearly explained on their site. Their system messed up, some how, some way and didnt stop charging me for this box. So, I have been paying for 4 boxes, 3 of which I am really using and the 4th box that I am clearly not using and was clearly broken per the Tech dept when they tried to trouble shoot!  Im pretty sure this is a form of theft in some aspects.  I have asked for someone to look into this for me, been promised call back after call back from supers and 1 super even said she called me back, ummm, NO she did not, I have no messages from Verizon and I answer my calls because I also work from my phone and if I dont answer calls, I lose my own business!

Now that I told you the back story, my issues are, they know that they sent me a new box to replace a damaged box, 30 days after the receipt of the new box they require to have the damaged box back PER VERIZONS website:  They should should have charged me $190.00 as you will see in the PD option to click on that shows all of the non returned equipment charges.  How is it ok or even fair to charge me around $1000 for a BROKEN hd box that I should have only been charged $190.00, Like I said, I will own the fact that I should have sent it back and am responsible for paying the $190 but Now its on Verizon to own up to their clear mistake. its written plane and clear on their site AND I was advised this when I did this transaction!  What they offered me was $159.60 refund. REALLY out of $800-1000. Nope, Not stopping at that. Sorry, now its the mere point of the matter that I am not going to just let go. Ive been a very long term, 14 year customer of theirs between myself and my husband.  I will also be submitting a BBB and Consumer relations complaint but, I would like access to whom to send this to with in Verizon who will actually give a **bleep** and take time to look into this issue instead of telling me NOOOO or I will call you back and never hear back.

Also, One last point. They promote Paperless and Auto Pay, this is why we didnt see if on our bills, we trusted Verizon enough NOT to have to baby sit this account. This is why we did not see this charge and dispute it previously.


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Hi theniedz,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.  Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support.  You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page.  Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.