False data usage added to my account

I've noticed over the past few months that I've suddenly been running out of data on my 5 GB grandfathered plan every single month. Verizon prompts me to add either 1 GB or 3 GB extra for $10 or $20. After adding data to my plan multiple times over the month, I decided to start independently tracking my data usage. I am very strict about consuming only minimal data over cellular and make sure to use my WiFi for high data activities. 

After tracking my data independently,  I noticed that there are 910 MB blocks of data usage that show up only on Verizon's tracking, and not my own. They are never marked with a time, unlike every other line item in the data usage chart. Verizon is stealing data from me and forcing me to add data to my account, while also encouraging me to upgrade to an unlimited plan. They have already stolen $60 over the past 6 months since my plan was grandfathered in. 

I have reported this issue to the FCC. If the problem isn't resolved this month, I will be switching to another carrier.

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Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure that we're tracking your data properly and we'd hate to see you leave the Verizon family. We'd like to work together so we can make sure this gets resolved. We'll send you a Private Note so we can gather more information.