I have had my termination fee "waived" due to living in a poor service area (cell phone). Yes, the techs did a tower/service review..BUT the fee is not waived from my bill. I am getting late fees which I want refunded too.

I have always paid my bill despite having spotty cell service in my location (rural SD). I put up with it for a few months because I was told they were putting up a new tower in my area. Its a Century Link tower.

Dropped calls are the norm and to maintain a call (cell tower 8 miles away) you have to sit in the car on top of a hill. I was told I had to buy a $200 device to get better service- NOT!

Anyway, I have yet to see the $310 termination fee waived. I have called, and called and called and "chatted but everytime they say in a few days I will see the fee waived. The reps are nice as can be.. but nothing ever happens. Ive stopped paying my bill in FULL  until this fee is waived.

You really dont want repeat business with this kind of customer service. Nice job VERINONE.

Re: Fees!

Hi yipke,

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