FiOS tv MRDVR - recorded program list errors
I have a QIP 7216-1 MRDVR with an approved 1TB external drive. About two weeks ago I came home from work and the dvr had reset. I hit the menu button, got the Initial Loading screen, then normal broadcast tv. Within about 15 seconds an error message stated the external disk had been disconnected incorrectly and I had to press ok for the stb to reboot. I went through that sequence twice. On the third try, I pulled the plugs to both dvr and external disk, rebooted, and everything came up fine.

- BUT -

after the third try, every recorded show on the list was duplicated, meaning each recorded show was listed twice. Series Folder were NOT duplicated, just all of the shows were duplicated. I could delete one of the duplicated shows, and the other was still available to watch. BUT if I watch a recorded show, then I can't delete it afterwards. If I delete it, it says it was already deleted, but the show remains in the recorded list. Additionally, one of the recorded episodes seems to be corrupted - if I try to delete it, the stb crashes and reboots. Since this happened, I can still record shows just fine and the newly-recorded shows are not duplicated on the list. I just can't delete them.

I've tried the automated repair under Menu->Customer Support. I've also tried the Quick Fix and Set Top Box or DVR Not Working links a at, both to no avail. I also ejected the external drive and readded it with no change to the list. Is there a way to get the dvr to reread the external drive and rebuild the recorded programs list? Thanks in advance for and help or input!