File Complaint on FCC Website, what's next?
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March comes and so does Verizon Charges. Last time I updated my autopay card information 7 days before the payment was due. Boom! They still charged my old card and it did not go through. I told them the new card info and here comes the nightmare. This month, they directly transacted for a surcharge of last payment. I contacted the customer service today and they told me the new card would kick in until the next billing cycle and that's why it's my fault. Good point! Verizon did not notify me this information and it is my fault not to notify them a billing cycle before! Haha! The biggest joke this year. Anyway, the money has already gone and I am furious with them. 

Exciting! I just filed a complaint on FCC. If anyone knows what should be the next step, please kindly reply. Thanks!!!!

Re: File Complaint on FCC Website, what's next?

First point is the will respond to you within 30 days. However it does not appear its a matter they will jump on.

contact your bank and or credit card company and do a dispute on the money they had no reason taking. However again it is the customers responsibility to change their card expiration date on their account, not verizon. Verizon would have no way of knowing what the new dates are or the ccv code etc.

Personally this is one point i say over and over. Never give any company access to your money or credit line. Remove that auto pay and simply do one time payments each month. You will be much happier