File a Complaint for Poor Customer Service

I recently had a large tree hit my house causing major damage that broke my home wi-fi device.  I work from home and need internet access for my job. My wife and I have both been in contact with customer service both through chat and by phone to try and get a replacement device sent for 4 days, but no progress has been made.  The first chat representative we spoke with put in a ticket and told me that the ticket would be processed in 4-5 days and ignored multiple requests on how to escalate so that we could get the issue resolved today.

My wife spoke to a supposed manager on the phone about the open ticket and was told that the ticket will be answered in the order it is put in and they (Verizon's own customer support agents) are unable to contact the department that answers the ticket. The manager said that she would try and make some calls to find out who we could speak to and  promised to call my wife back, but she never called back. During this time period, I am forced to use my hotspot data and actually had to increase my plan because I was about to go over on data. There has been no sense of urgency from the Verizon customer support to get my issue resolved.  I find it very embarrassing for a major company like Verizon to not have customer support that can contact other internal departments to help solve issues that their customers might be having.

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