Filing a Complaint


The other day I called to change my last name on my account since I recently got married and what I thought would be simple turned into a complet mess.  I was on the phone with no solution longer than I was at the DMV to get my new license.  I had to be transfered 3 times to get to someone that could help me.  Throught out this process no one quite seem to know where to trasnfer me and even said I could probably ust do it online (which you can't).   Once I got to someone that could help me they had to put me on hold several times to assist me and then transfered me again.  Then this person told me I had to fax a copy of my driver's license.  There was no other way I could get this information to Verizon.  Not thru a scanned copy by email or even thru sending a paper copy thru the mail but only by fax.  When I asked who has a fax machine that they could send stuff from or an employer that would let their employee use the company's for personal use I was told to try and use a library.  First I believe that Verizon needs a better way of handling name change procedures.  It is not like this is an uncommon thing and the idea that everyone has access to a fax machine is odd.  There should be a way this can be done over email, mail or even just over the phone (no other company from electric, to medical, to insurance, to bank accounts, to dc federal government asked me to fax them   paperwork).  So when I asked what was the procedure to fax them the information I was just read a fax number.  I asked if there was a way to email this to me to make sure I copied it correctly and any instructions for faxing it he told me no he could just read it to me.  This seems odd to me.  If you policy is to have the information faxed then you should have some sort of formal process explained in an email (I just don't want to send a copy of my id by itself to a random number).  When I asked the person that I was talking to how to file a complaint he said there was probably a way to do it online.  Your employees should know to direct customers to your complaint line when they ask about it.

I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with my experience with Verizon.

Re: Filing a Complaint

The problem is women seem to believe they have to use the husbands family name and you really don’t have to. My wife uses her name from birth. This way no hoop jumping to change DMV or credit card or utilities. However in answer to your who faxes we’ll fax machines are built into many all in one printers. 

They are also software embedded in computers and tablets under the print command.

and of course the new adobe pdf scan (free) also can be sent as a fax. 

Kinkos and Fedex and UPS store locations have a fax service. Most banks have them as well as hotels etc. so faxing is still being done. Then there is online faxing so it’s all around us.

if you need to file a complaint it can go to the correspondence address on your monthly invoice. I believe the address is in Baskin Ridge New Jersey. Main headquarters is in Manhattan New York City, NY