Filing customer service complaints
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Verizon has conveniently made it impossible to file a customer service complaint.  

I called Verizon Fios to order new DVR boxes and I was very disappointed with the customer service that I received.  I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over 20 years.  My husband and I have used them as a cellphone carrier and cable internet carrier for many years and have spent thousands of dollars on phone and cable internet services.  So I was very insulted when I was told that I needed to pay a $50 upgrade fee just to order new DVR boxes.  Particularly when one of the boxes went dead, it won't even power on anymore despite multiple attempts at troubleshooting.

I am very loyal to companies that provide excellent customer service and make me feel like a valued customer.   I left Cablevision for Verizon many years ago, due to poor customer service.  Up until today, I had actually been very satisfied with Verizon and therefore remained loyal.  However, I was completely unsatisfied with the customer service that I received from Trisha, a supervisor at the Massachusetts Billing & Savings call center.  She only agreed to reduce the fee to $25 and I am not satisfied with that.  I just renewed my contract with them for 2 years back in 02/18, have been a loyal customer spending thousands of dollars with Verizon and they can't give me the courtesy of waiving a $50 fee???  Waiving a $50 fee is nothing to large billion dollar company like this so it makes me feel extremely undervalued and taken for granted.  Then to top it off, she put me on hold forever only to come back and tell me she doesn't have the authority to waive the entire $50 fee.  If this was true why would she put me on hold for so long to review my record as though she was considering the request.  

Then she condescendingly explained how Verizon has done so much for me and gave me a great deal on my bundle as though I should just be grateful to this billion dollar company.  I find this extremely insulting and I'm so upset that I am now stuck with this company for 2 more years.  Had I not been locked into my contract, this experience would have caused me to switch to a different cable internet carrier.  

Then to to make matters worse, when I asked her what the procedure is to file a complaint because I was dissatisfied with her service, she told me she is the highest level employee at the call center.  I asked who is her boss and to provide me with their phone number, email or address, she said she isn't allowed to.  So I asked what is the contact info for Verizon's complaint department and she said she could not provide this to me.  She said she isn't allowed to and that its up to me to figure out how to file a complaint.  I was completely dumbfounded that a company this large does not have any procedures in place to file a formal complaint.  So basically, Verizon employees have complete autonomy to treat customers however they want with no consequence and no checks and balances in place.  Well no wonder they are rated so high in customer service, it's because they have made it absolutely impossible for customers to complain.  Wow!  

Has as anyone else been able to file a formal customer service complaint with a Verizon Fios representative at a level higher than a supervisor?  If so, please let me know how.  

Re: Filing customer service complaints

Hi JJG42,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.