Final Bill Frustration

Good Morning,

Is it possible to go to a brick and mortar Verizon store to pay your final bill? 

I have been calling Verizon for several days now and each time I request a final bill I am connected to another person that puts me on hold for 15 minutes and there is never resolution.

I discontinued my service as of 5.14.16 and recieved a final bill for the period 5.13.16 through 6.12.16. I have confirmation email that I ended service on 5.14.15 and I have a receipt that I returned my eqiupment on 5.21.16. My bill is still reading $231.00 for the period 5.13.16 through 6.12.16.

I need to speak to someone so that my online account can be updated and I can my final bill online. If this can not be done then I want to know where I can pay my final bill in person so that I can be done with dealing with your customer service.

Jordan H