Final Bill

Hello. I canceled my service on May 31st and I still haven't received my final bill. I was told on the phone and over chat that I would receive a final bill prorated for the amount I used. When I log into my account I still see the last bill with the full amount. I chatted online again to ask when I would receive my final bill and they told me it could take up to 2 billing cycles. However, I am getting multiple automated calls from Verizon telling me that I owe the full amount. I even got a message telling me that I need to pay in full to avoid collections. I don't understand! Why is it so hard for you guys to update my account so I know what the final amount is and can just pay it? Can you help? I tried calling but was told that the wait time is over an hour... I tried calling on the weekend and was told that I need to call on the weekday. It's very hard to reach you guys. I tried using the feature on your website to have you guys call me, but the website said there was a technical error.

Re: Final Bill

My recommendation is to go to a verizon store and pay it anyway. Get a receipt showing the amount, date, time, service account number and a zero balance.

i will send you a private message on how to get your money back.