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September 14th, 2014  Acct. {edited for privacy}

Verizon Bill due date 8/20/2014, note this is 5 days prior to the end billing date. (enclosed copies of bills).

Feb 2014 called Verizon to see when my contract was up so I could cancel.  I was told Aug. 2014, I was not told it had to be on 8/24th.

August 2nd 2014 went to ATT and cancelled Verizon and became an ATT customer.

Throughout the month of August I tried to log on and call Verizon to see what my final bill would be for 7/24 through 8/2.  My password and account were cancelled.

August 31 I received my final bill in an email.  It stated I owed $128.46.

I called Verizon Customer Service and spoke with Luke, {edited for privacy}, he explained that Verizon billed for the full billing cycle, and this bill was for June 25th to 7/24.  I explained I had paid that bill on 7/25 and had cancelled my Verizon account on 8/2.  He then changed the story and said Verizon can and did bill me for the full month of August, from 7/25 through 8/24.  I told him I would not pay for service I did not use, I would pay for 7/25 through 8/2, but no more.  Then he said Verizon could charge me an early termination fee of $60.00 per line, totaling $120, but were billing me for the month instead.  I asked to speak with a Supervisor.

Call passed to Miguel, {edited for privacy}, he stated he could not credit an inactive account and I would have to pay the full bill. He then told another fable, Verizon could charge an early termination fee of $120 per line.

 I once again told him  I would not pay for service I did not receive.  I asked him again if he was a supervisor, he said he was not, there was none available.   I told him I wanted a supervisor, he said he would request a supervisor call back, however it would not be until 9/2 because of the holiday.  However he also said it would be more than 30 days after billing and there would be nothing they could do about the bill.

I was on the phone for 1 hour, 11 min and 42 seconds. 

Sept 2nd, no supervisor callback.

Sept 3rd, no supervisor callback.

Sept 4th I called and spike with Kathy, {edited for privacy} in finance.  She apologized, but said she couldn’t help me, she was just suppose to collect or work out a collection agreement, asked her to transfer me to a supervisor in Customer Service.  Transferred to Janice, {edited for privacy} who stated she was not a supervisor, put me on hold and assured me she would get a supervisor.

I waited on hold for 1 hour and seconds.  Finally I was so upset I hung up.

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced, and for Verizon to think it is ok to charge a customer for service that has not been rendered, amazes me.  I am not paid at my place of employment if I have not worked?  I do not pay for any service or goods I do not receive.

I originally had offered to pay the gap timing of my last bill and cancellation, however, now  I will not pay anything on this bill.  I am charging Verizon $45.00 as this would be my hourly wage times two.  Plus $100.00 for aggravation and lack of service, for a total of $145.00.  $145.00 minus $128.46 equals $16.54 that Verizon owes me.

I will expect payment in 30 days or a late payment of $25.00 will be added.  I am sending a copy of this to:

Verizon Wireless Att: Correspondence Team  {edited for privacy}

NYS Attorney General – along with a formal complaint

NYS Better Business Bureau

Lowell McAdam, {edited for privacy} and {edited for privacy} of Verizon


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You are posting info to peers, not Verizon.  A complete waste of everyones time

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Hi Debjo132,

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